Thomas atte Cruch (b1332-a1347)


Birth: Before 1332 Culham, Oxfordshire, UK
Father: Hugh atte Crouch' (Crouych, Cruch)
Mother: Joan atte Crouch (Cruch)

Christening: Unknown

Marriage: Unknown

Death: After 1347




Taken from entries in the Winchester Pipe Rolls from SN4086 Peasant Land Market in Southern England, 1260-1350.
1347 Culham, Oxfordshire?: Thomas atte Cruch' paid 6/8 for a messuage and half a virgate of villein land in Culham (Culh'm), which his mother Joan atte Cruch' held and forfeited because she was married (nupta) without licence. The land was previous held by Hugh atte Cruch'.

Messuage - a dwelling house and legal rights such as access to commons etc
Virgate - the Farnham Manor virgate was about 32 modern acres - see Medieval Farnham by Father (Etienne) Robo 1935. It is a quarter of a hide

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