Joan Crowcher [Crowcher (Chrowcher)] (b1584-a1613)


Birth: 5 June 1582 Chichester, Sussex, UK
Father: Henry Croucher 1568-a1582
Mother: Katherine ? c1554-a1582

Christening: Unknown

Marriage: 2 October 1599 East Dean, Chichester, Sussex, UK
Wife: Richarde (Richard) Crowcher (Chrowcher) 1582-a1613

Death: After 1613


Henry Crowcher 1599
Thomas Crowcher 1600-a1640
Mary Crowcher 1601
James Croucher (Chrowcher) 1613-a1641
Alse (Alice) Croucher b1618-a1637


Marriage of Joan Crowcher and Richarde Crowcher in the IGI on 2 October 1599 in Eastdean Near Chichester, Sussex.

The same information is in the Sussex Family History Group Sussex Marriage Index with the note that it is in Dunkin's Bishops Trancripts whose records are now lost and is not in the parish records.

All her children were born in East Dean, but only the father's name is given, spelt Richard Crowcher except in the case of James where it is spelt Chrowcher. There is no record for Alse so it is only a guess that she was a daughter.

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