Christopher Michael Croucher (1992)


Birth: January 1992 Brighton, East Sussex, UK
Father: Andrew P Croucher 1963-a1998
Mother: Julie Anne Crowhurst 1968-a1998

Marriage: Unknown
Wife: Unknown





Entry in the Register of Births for Christopher Michael Croucher, mother's maiden namr Crowhurst, in January 1992 in Brighton (18 325).

His sister was born in Brighton in 1998.

Entry in for Chris M Croucher in the Electoral Roll 2014-18 living in Brighton, East Sussex BN1, other iccupants Andrew P and Julie A Croucher (parents?), Daniel J Croucher (brother) and Emma L Croucher (sister?).


Christopher Michael Croucher was the second cousin once removed of Rhona Croucher, wife of David Richard Foard, husband of Loraine Susan Cole, great granddaughter of Mary Jane Store, wife of Abraham Shrubb, my second cousin twice removed.

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