Richard atte Crouch (Crouche, Croucher, Cruch', Chesmon, Chisman) (b1319-a1350)


Birth: Before 1319 Farnham, Surrey, UK
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown

Marriage: About 1345
Wife : Joan atte Crouch' b1312-a1349

Death: After 1350 Farnham, Surrey, UK


John atte Crouche


Taken from the Manorial Fines for Churt in Churt: A Medieval Landscape by Philip Brookes 2000.
In 1341 Richard Chisman paid an unknown amount for Joan and her land. In 1344 Joan paid 12d for 1 acre of "more" (moor?) from Robert atte Holeland (a Robert atte Holelonde occupied Patifolde, Elstead from 1308 to before 1328 - this is a strip of land running up into the Punch Bowl). In 1344 Richard atte Crouche paid 12d for Joan and her land. Is this the same Richard? However in 1349 Richard was in default of rent for messuage and virgate of Tounsend, 8/4d being due. In 1350 4/2 was due and paid at Easter, but Richard then gave up the tenancy. This was the time the Black Death arrived.

Taken from entries in the Winchester Pipe Rolls from SN4086 Peasant Land Market in Southern England, 1260-1350.
1342 Farnham, Surrey: Richard le Chesmon (Cheeseman) paid 13/4d for messuage and virgate to have in marriage to Joan atte Crouch'. I think that Richard changed his last name to Crouch after this.
1345 Farnham, Surrey: Joan atte Crouch' paid 12d for 1 acre of moor purpresture in Ellested' (Elstead) previous held by her kin Robert atte Holehond (Holland) (MS 'consanguinei').
1345 Farnham, Surrey: Richard atte Crouche paid 12d for 1 acre of moor purpresture in Ellested' (Elstead) to have in marriage to Joan atte Crouche.
1348 Farnham, Surrey: William le Hattere (Hatter) paid 2/6d for the surrender of one acre of moor purpresture previously held by Richard atte Cruch' and his wife Joan atte Cruch' (examined about this in court).
1350 Richard atte Croucher rent due 4/2d, paid at Easter but then gave up the tenency

Messuage - a dwelling house and legal rights such as access to commons etc.
Virgate - the Farnham Manor virgate was about 32 modern acres - see Medieval Farnham by Father (Etienne) Robo 1935.

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